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Islamic Investing 2.0: The Way Forward

Traditional Islamic-compliant mutual funds have served Muslim investors well in the four decades since the first was launched in Malaysia. By fostering partnership in shared risk and reward (musharaka), and by allowing investors to diversify their assets while avoiding haram activities — typically alcohol, tobacco, gaming, financial services, pork processing, and pornography.

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What is ESG Investing? Find out with our fun, informative video.

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GCC Sukuk: A Primer, 2nd Edition

This 2nd edition GCC Sukuk Primer provides an overview of the investment landscape and characteristics of Islamic-compliant investment certificates, commonly referred to as sukuk, a market niche that continues to evolve. We cover the risk and return attributes of sukuk and explore their relationship to changes in the price of oil.


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Evaluating Islamic Standards: Islamic Investing and Its Evolution from Niche to Mainstream

While the Quran encourages trade and investment – and provides guidance for how Muslims should approach these activities – formalized financial processes did not begin to develop until the mid-20th Century. In this piece, we discuss the evolution of Islamic screening and step through various methodologies present in the market.

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