FSMOne hosts 14th annual awards recognizing outstanding unit trust performance 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – July 6, 2022 – FSMOne Malaysia, a multi-asset investment platform, has acknowledged ASEAN Equity Fund as a Recommended Unit Trust in its 2022/2023 list during its Recommended Unit Trust Awards.

The awards are a recognition of outstanding fund managers that have produced best-in-category fund performances. ASEAN Equity Fund was added to the Recommended Unit Trust List under the category “Sub Regional Equity – ASEAN (Islamic).” In total, 44 funds from around the world appear on FSMOne’s list under 38 categories. 

“We are honored to be recognized by FSMOne Malaysia’s Recommended Unit Trust Awards,” said Ms. Shahariah Shaharudin, president of Saturna Sdn Bhd. “There are not many true global Islamic ESG asset managers around. As a group, we have been in this line for over 30 years. At Saturna, we follow a fundamentals-driven investment process with a Shariah and ESG focus. Our investment process is particularly resilient during down years and in periods such as the aftermath of the pandemic. Saturna will continue to focus on serving our clients and community well by putting our investors’ interests first, and by offering innovative, sustainable investment products.”

FSMOne mainly assesses funds on a quantitative level by considering historical performance, risk, and expenses. Qualitative factors such as a fund’s investment philosophy, consistency in investment approach, management team stability, the investment team’s years of experience, and the fund holdings themselves were also considered.

The 14th annual FSMOne Recommended Unit Trust Awards took place at the Pavilion Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on July 6.

Photos from the Award Ceremony

The award recipients at the 2022/2023 FSMOne Recommended Unit Trust Awards

The FSMOne 2022/2023 Recommended Unit Trust Awards are a recognition of outstanding fund managers that have produced best-in-category fund performances.

Mustafa Aydemir, FSMOne Official, Shahariah binti Shaharudin, Zahid Siddique

Senior Investment Analyst Mustafa Aydemir, President Shahariah binti Shaharudin, and Senior Investment Analyst Zahid Siddique are presented a trophy by General Manager Koh Soo Cheng during FSMOne's Recommended Unit Trust Awards.

About Saturna Sdn Bhd

Saturna Sdn. Bhd., located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saturna Capital that specializes in Islamic-compliant investment advisory services for individuals and institutions.  

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Saturna Capital Corporation, established in 1989 in Bellingham, Washington, USA, is a private, employee-owned investment adviser with US$5.9 billion in assets under management, providing investment advisory services to mutual funds, institutions, businesses, individuals, and endowments. Saturna Capital is adviser to the Amana Mutual Funds Trust, the oldest and largest family of funds in the US that follow principles of Islamic finance. Saturna Capital is also adviser to the US-based Sextant Mutual Funds and Saturna Sustainable Funds.

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