Clarity is the cornerstone of trust between investors and their financial representatives.

Saturna is committed to clarity through full and unambiguous disclosure, as well as enhanced understanding of the securities markets.

We believe that the needs of the investor should always come first. As an investor, you have important rights, including the right to high quality products and services from us. We govern our activities with a detailed Code of Ethics.

At the same time, investors need to shoulder certain responsibilities themselves — for example, to plan carefully to meet their investment goals and to stay informed about the risks and rewards of their investments.

Your Rights As An Investor

As an investor, you have the right to:

Quality Service

  • To be treated in a fair, ethical, and respectful manner in all interactions with us and our employees and affiliates.
  • To receive value for your money, by keeping our charges low and fair.
  • To move your account to another representative or investment firm whenever you wish in a straightforward, efficient manner.

Full, Clear Reporting

  • To receive clear, accurate, easy-to-understand descriptions of all your transactions, statements, and other communications from us.
  • To be informed about any costs associated with your account and the costs related to individual transactions, including commissions, sales charges (or loads), and other fees.
  • To accurate and timely account statements, including detailed transaction information.
  • To protection of the privacy of your personal information.

Prompt, Fair Resolution Of Problems

  • To fair consideration and a prompt response from us, if any problem with your account ever arises.
  • To a clearly defined process for raising and resolving a complaint. We will provide you with full information about this process, particularly about how you can elevate an issue to the appropriate level of management to gain fair resolution.
  • To be apprised of alternatives if we are unable to resolve a dispute to your satisfaction.